Script Lettering by Sam Dubeau

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Script Lettering

A dedicated and passionate lettering journey has led me to teaching Script Lettering Workshops, currently available at ‘The Shop’ in Toronto.

Terena Hyma Identity by Sam Dubeau

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Terena Hyma Identity

These business cards were artfully designed with the client in mind – the talented make up artist Terena Hyma.

Make Something Today Print by Sam Dubeau

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Make Something Today Print

A motivating screen printed message in metallic ink on black or white art paper. Make Something Today can apply to any of you makers out there… from…

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Work Equals Play

An original typographic work screen printed in metallic ink. Work Equals Play illustrates the important relationship between work and play. It is not about balancing the two…

Sam Dubeau Lettering - Small Prints 2014

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Lettering Prints 2014

These motivating bits of advice come to life as handlettered prints ready to be framed and make a difference in your day.

Sam Dubeau Stationery - Exclaim Cards

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Exclaim Cards

This greeting card trio says it loud and clear with their old and new catch phrases, screen printed in lively and lustrous ink.    

Sam Dubeau Lettering - Let's Get Lost for Minted and Domino

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Let’s Get Lost

A playful piece of painted lettering, encouraging adventure and discovery. “Let’s Get Lost” is a simple message, but an important reminder that getting lost in something…

Sam Dubeau Lettering - Impossible Is Nothing

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Impossible Is Nothing

A handlettered print with a virtuous philosophy that encourages the disheartened soul to have confidence and not be afraid of any challenges they may face.

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Trick or Treat

I got myself into the spooky spirit of Halloween with this handlettered piece. Polka dots are the perfect treat, don’t you think?

Sam Dubeau Stationery - Classic Cards

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Classic Cards

These screen printed cards shine when it comes to expressing excitement and joy, with bursts of metallic ink. They are a great choice for a variety…